Responding to the Critical Need for Clean, Safe Drinking Water

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Planet Water’s AquaBlock was designed based on 15 years of experience in providing clean, safe water access to over 1,200 communities in 15 countries – often in the wake of natural disasters and other such situations where rapid response and a robust, easy to operate solution is of critical need.

Key Features
  • Turn-key emergency water supply system housed in a lockable, vandal-resistant, aluminum container.
  • Compact, light-weight design facilitating an 18 unit placement in a standard
    40 foot shipping container and size compatibility with aircraft cargo decks.
  • Four-stage water purification process for the provision of clean, safe drinking water from surface and ground water.
  • Three on-board pumping solutions, selectable with the turn of a valve, for any power condition – be it petrol, electric, or manual (treadle).
  • Drinking water production at 1,000 liters per hour capable of supporting the daily drinking water requirements of up to 10,000 people.

Product Overview

Filtration System

Water Pump Suite


  • Enclosure Dimensions 128*110*210 cm
  • Enclosure Material Aluminum plate
  • UF membrane material Modified PVC
  • UF membrane fiber OD/OD dimension and 1.7mm
  • UF filter precision 100,000 daltons
  • UF membrane area 12.5 m2
  • Working pressure 3.03 to 0.2MPa
  • pH tolerance range 2 to 12
  • Applicable water temperature 5 to 40˚C
  • Designed water production flow 1,500 liters per hour
  • Source water turbidity ≤15 NTU
  • Filter water turbidity < 0.5 NTU
  • Silt Density Index < 1.0
  • Microbial pathogen removal rate > 99.99%
  • Cleaning process Chlorine liquid soak + air purge
  • Filtration modes Basic or enhanced filtration
  • Chlorine dosing pump range 0.03 to 0.3%
  • Chlorine solution tank volume 20 liters, polypropylene material
  • Electronic flow meter Instantaneous and cumulative rates
  • Active carbon filter Granular, 10 inch
  • Clean water tank volume 450 liters, polypropylene material
  • Petrol pump Xylem GWP-35HX
  • Electric (jet) pump Xylem JS5
  • Manual (treadle) pump Xylem SAJ15-109
  • Water inlet and outlet fittings 1 inch internal thread
  • Power source input 110V - 240V / 50 - 60 Hz
Designed and Packaged for Optimized Logistics

18 unit placement in a standard 40-foot shipping container.

Compatibility with aircraft main cargo decks and lower cargo holds.

Size compatibility with truck based express delivery.

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Nobody can predict when or where disaster will strike, but in such situations where rapid response and a robust, easy to operate solution for drinking water is of critical need, Planet Water’s AquaBlock should be included in any Advanced Emergency Response Plan.