Abolishing Water Poverty... One Community at a Time

Planet Water’s AquaTower water filtration solution provides communities, schools, and health centers access to clean, safe drinking water.

Key Features
  • A gravity-based filtration system that can operate without the need for external power.
  • Two-stage water filtration incorporating ultrafiltration (UF) hollow fiber membrane technology and activated carbon for enhanced water quality.
  • Six safe drinking access points with integral liquid soap dispensers for hand washing.
  • A very simple operation and maintenance process.
  • Produces 1,000 liters of drinking water per hour – capable of supporting the daily
    drinking water requirements of up to 1,000 people.

Planet Water’s AquaTower solution is supporting the daily drinking water requirements of over one million people in 1,200 communities across 15 countries.

Filtration System

Emergency Response

Planet Water Foundation has a long history of responding rapidly to the need for clean, safe water in the wake of natural disasters.

  • 2010: Sukkur, Pakistan – flood
  • 2010: Java, Indonesia – volcano eruption
  • 2014: Tacloban, Philippines – typhoon
  • 2015: Kelantan, Malaysia – flood
  • 2017: Puerto Rico, USA – hurricane
  • 2018: Attapeu, Laos – flood
  • 2018: Lombok, Indonesia – earthquake
  • 2018: Cagayan, Philippines – flood

Puerto Rico
Hurricane Maria, 2018

Puerto Rico’s water and power infrastructure collapse required a unique solution to the immense need for safe drinking water. AquaTowers provide point-of-need access to clean water in a matter of hours after delivery and can operate without electricity; making these systems perfectly suited to aid in response to the desperate need for drinking water. In the wake of Hurricane Maria, 41 AquaTowers were deployed in areas of need.

Lombok, Indonesia – Earthquake, 2018

The shallow 6.9 magnitude earthquake leveled tens of thousands of homes, mosques, and businesses across Lombok on August 5th taking the lives of 555 people, injuring 1,300, and leaving 353 internally displaced.

When the earthquakes began to shake Lombok, leveling the small communities located on the northern half of the island, Planet Water Foundation and its partners moved quickly to deploy 13 AquaTowers in urgent areas of need. At the same time, Planet Water deployed its very first AquaBlock – Planet Water’s new emergency relief platform designed specifically for providing access to safe drinking water in response to natural disasters.

Volunteering Engagement

Turnkey Platform

  • Deploying Planet Water AquaTowers make great volunteering engagement projects.
  • AquaTowers can be deployed in a single day and can accommodate up to 10 project volunteers.
  • An AquaTower build involves the following:
    • Assembling and erecting water tower
    • Installing water filtration system
    • Installing AquaTower accessories – drainage troughs, faucets, system plumbing, soap dispensers, and banners.


  • AquaTower imensions (erected) 153 (W) * 165cm (D) * 462cm (H)
  • Filtration system enclosure dimensions 109 (W) * 42cm (D) * 109cm (H)
  • Tower structure material Anodized aluminum
  • Filter enclosure material Aluminum plate
  • Drainage trough material Stainless steel, grade 316
  • Soap dispenser material Stainless steel, grade 316
  • UF membrane material Modified PVC
  • UF membrane fiber ID/OD dimension 1.0mm and 1.7mm
  • UF filter precision 0.01 micorn (100,000 daltons)
  • UF membrane area 12.5 m2 (135 ft2)
  • Working pressure 0.03 to 0.2 Mpa (5 to 30 psi)
  • pH tolerance range 2 to 12
  • Applicable water temperature 5 to 40°C (41 to 104°F)
  • Designed water production flow 1,000 liters per hour (264 gallons)
  • Source water turbidity ≤ NTU
  • Filtrate water turbidity < 0.5 NTU
  • Silt Density Index (SDI) < 1.0
  • Microbial pathogen removal rate > 99.99%
  • UF filter cleaning process Chlorine liquid soak + manual air purge
  • Filtration modes Basic UF or Enhanced (+ carbon) filtration
  • Electronic flow meter Instantaneous and cumulative rates
  • Active filter carbon volume 1.2 kgs. (2.6 lbs.)
Designed and Packaged for Optimized Logistics

Dimensions: 115cm x 115cm x 103cm (High)
Volume: 1.36 cubic meters (48 cubic feet)
Weight: 253 Kgs. (557 lbs.)
Two crate packaging:
Tower system (top crate)
143 Kgs. (315 lbs.)
Filtration system (bottom crate)
110 Kgs. (242 lbs.)

44 unit placement in a standard 40 foot
shipping container.

Compatibility with aircraft main cargo decks
and lower cargo holds.

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About AquaTower

Designed and engineered to operate under many landscapes and climates, a Planet Water AquaTower is a proven, scalable, affordable and easy to install solution that includes a comprehensive step-by-step assembly guide with photographs and illustrations.