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High-grade Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems for Hotels and Resorts


Today, a commercial water purification system has become an essence for many industries – especially for hotels and restaurants. It has also been found that if businesses supply contaminated water, there are a number of negative ramifications that can be imposed. When it comes to hotels and resorts, installing a commercial reverse osmosis system is an ideal approach and solution.

The first and foremost responsibility while working in the hospitality industry is to ensure the provision of clean, safe water consumption – be it in drinking water or food preparation. Using a reverse osmosis water filtration system will improve taste and odor of the water making it suitable for drinking and making other beverages such as coffee, juices, shakes, etc. Having a continuous supply of clean, safe water will help you serve quality, great tasting beverages to your customers.

You may not realize it, but the undissolved impurities and algae present in water can create significant problems for your hotel or report property. When contaminated water passes through boilers and pipes, it leaves behind impurities that eventually build up thus causing equipment breakdowns and failure. So, it is important to install high-quality reverse osmosis water filtration systems that will ensure a continuous supply of purified water and prevent these kinds of breakdowns thus contributing to more efficient operations.

At Planet Water, we provide complete, water filtration solutions for the hotel industry. Moreover, our RO water filtration systems are developed using the most modern technology and are affordably priced.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems for Apartment Buildings


Whether it’s a commercial application or residential building, the supply of clean, safe water is essential. With advancement in technology, commercial water filtration systems are now commonly installed in condominium and apartment buildings, which ensures a supply of clean, purified water in the entire building.

Reverse osmosis water filtration systems work on a very simple process. In this, the feed water is processed through membranes – the main function of which is to stop the contaminants and dissolved solids from passing through. When combined with pre-filtration, a commercial reverse osmosis system is capable of removing 99.9 percent of dissolved impurities.

A commercial reverse osmosis system is also capable of removing contaminants that cause taste and odor problems, thus ensuring the supply of safe, great-tasting water. Moreover, RO systems offer low-cost maintenance and are very easy to clean and service. A commercial reverse osmosis system is considered the ideal way to purify water to best standards and eliminate harmful chemicals, thus providing safe and healthy water.

There are a number of companies that provide commercial reverse osmosis water filtration systems. Look for a provider that ensures quality at a competitive price. Planet Water is one of the leading, professional companies offering highly efficient, water filtration systems for commercial purposes including condominium and apartment buildings, hotels and resorts etc. Our pre-engineered, and innovatively designed water purification systems will ensure a supply of clean, safe water for many years to come.

Importance of Installing RO Water Purification Systems in Resorts and Hotels


When people plan a vacation they expect relaxation and tranquility. Clean, safe water is not only the biggest essence of everyday life, it is an expectation that completes the vacation experience. Whether it’s a stay at home, or a resort hotel vacation with family, people are always concerned about their health and wellness. A commercial reverse osmosis system is a requirement to meet your guest expectations.

When it comes to planning a vacation with family, or a business trip with peers, it is commonly perceived that hotels and resorts provide clean, safe water. From hot showers to crystal clear swimming pools, to drinking water, water quality plays an important role in fulfilling your guests’ expectations and will provide ROI through customer satisfaction and safety. Installing a quality water purification system in hotels will help provide a continued and sustainable supply of clean, safe water – essential in the hospitality industry.

A Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration system is the most preferred and reliable water filtration technology available today. An RO system contains a semipermeable membrane that allows pure water to pass while rejecting the contaminants. RO water purification systems for resorts are capable of removing impurities in water including dissolved salts, colloids, bacteria, virus, bacterial endotoxin, and most organic matters.

Here’s why installing a water purification system in hotels and resorts is important:

• Drinking Water: First and foremost, an important responsibility of an individual working in hospitality industry – be it a hotel owner, manager, or staff is to ensure providing clean, safe water for drinking purposes. Using a RO water purification system in your hotel or resort will improve the taste and odor of the water thus making it suitable for drinking and preparing other beverages such as coffee, juices, shakes etc. Always remember, if you want to serve your customers with great tasting beverages, it is important to have a continuous supply of clean, safe water as most the beverages 98% water.

• Prevent scaling in boilers, ice makers, and in the water distribution network: The undissolved impurities and algae present in the source water can be a major issue for the hotel industry. When contaminated water passes through boilers and pipes, it leaves behind the impurities that eventually build up, thus disturbing functionality and decreasing the life cycle of the asset. So, it is important to install a high-quality water filtration system that will ensure a continuous supply of clean, safe water and prevent such issues, thus facilitating smooth running operations.

• Spotless Glassware and dishes: They say ‘nobody wants to raise a toast from a spotty glass’. Providing crystal clear glassware and dishes is practical and possible with a well-designed water purification system installed in your hotel. An RO system provides a quick supply of quality water for different kinds of purposes and allows you to serve your guests with delight.

• Laundry: Laundry is a substantial operational expense in the hospitality industry. Hard water is not at all suitable for washing purposes as it can discolor your white bed sheets, linens, and towels, which adds to replacement costs. It is therefore important to install high-quality water filtration system in your hotel that will ensure a supply of clean water.

Whether it’s for drinking, laundry, or other applications, installing a high-quality RO water purification system in hotels and resorts from a trusted provider like ours will help you provide satisfactory services to your guests while improving operational costs and efficiency. At Planet Water, we innovate, engineer and design RO water filtration systems for the hospitality industry, keeping the key points in mind to ensure a clean, safe supply of purified water.

How Commercial Water Filter System Benefit Your Restaurant


A water filtration system is an integral part of your commercial kitchen. It will not only ensure great tasting water but also helps in maintaining the equipment.

Two important reasons for installing commercial water filter for restaurant-

  • The beverages and ice you serve taste and smell better
  • Reduces equipment maintenance and breakdown at the restaurant

The commercial water filter for restaurants help remove the chemicals, sediments, dissolved impurities from water. The equipment such as coffee and espresso maker, ice machine, dishwasher etc. can all benefit from it.

How clean is your water?

Is your tap water clean? Can you directly use tap water for preparing dishes, making coffee, ice etc.? Be it a household kitchen or commercial kitchen, water is used in every aspect. Starting from preparing foods, washing equipment, beverage service, cooking and cleaning, water is an essence. It has been found that tap water contains a number of impurities including chlorine, chemicals, algae, sediment etc. These impurities are not only harmful for the health but can affect taste, smell of the water and every menu item that is prepared with the water.

The most beneficial and cost-effective way to remove impurities from water is to consider installing a commercial water filter for restaurant. Though there are a number of purification systems available, water filter comes out the best with easy implementation and maintenance features.

How water purification system benefit your restaurant?  

Installing a water filter system in your commercial kitchen will bring a number of benefits. Few are listed below-

Provide clean, clear water that smells and taste great

As you know the basic function of a water filter system is to block out the solids and dissolved impurities, thus providing water that smells and tastes great. The filtered water is clear, clean and doesn’t smell bad. Using it in preparation of foods and beverages will enhance the aroma and flavor of the menu items in your commercial kitchen. Moreover, you very well understand when you serve dishes ruined by water’s poor quality, how it will affect your business. So, installing a water purification system is necessary.

Prevent breakdown and extend the life of your commercial kitchen equipment

The impurities present in tap water are harmful for your restaurant equipment too. The chemicals can build up and corrode the metal which can later affect the functioning of the machine and sometimes result in a complete stop. And, when you use filtered water, there is a very less build up which means the interior movable parts of a machine work perfectly and there is no halt.

Lower operating costs and ensure efficient functioning

As you know commercial water filters provide clean, clear water which means there is a significant decrease in the amount of scale build up. This leads to efficient running of your machines without any kind of breakdown. Also, using clean, filtered water help reduce the energy consumption and cleanser costs.

As you know ‘prevention is always better than cure’, so it is highly recommended to install a high-quality commercial water filtration system for your restaurant. It will not only serve your guests with a great tasting water and foods but is also good for the health of your employees too. At Planet Water, we are one of the leading names providing high-efficient and robust performance water purification systems for your commercial space.

Planet Water Systems – Humanitarian Relief through UF1 Series Filters


According to a 2014 update from the World Health Organization and UNICEF, 748 million, or roughly one in 10 people worldwide live without access to clean water every day. In many areas of the world, including communities in the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America, the percentage of those lacking access to potable water is much greater. Planet Water Foundation strives to alleviate water-borne disease, illness, and death in the world’s most vulnerable communities through providing access to clean, safe drinking water and water-health and hygiene education programs.

In 2015, Planter Water Foundation launched “Project 24” on World Water Day, as a way to foster the Foundation’s mission and draw attention to the world water crisis. Project 24 erected 24 clean water filtration systems (AquaTowers) in 24 impoverished communities in just 24 hours, ultimately providing clean water to more than 24,000. In 2016 the project was expanded to five countries Cambodia, Colombia, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. This is an incredible undertaking and challenge, as it normally takes a day to deploy one single AquaTower project.

When considering how Planet Water addresses water issues at the community level, Planet Water’s AquaTowers are a pinpoint-accurate method of providing modern water filtration technology to those who need it most. Similar to how many developing countries are bypassing wire line telephone systems and moving directly to wireless communications, Planet Water’s AquaTower filtration systems provide an efficient, affordable, and scalable solution to a significant problem. AquaTowers are typically installed within primary school grounds thus enabling the organization to target its programs to children.

According to Mark Steele, Planet Water Foundation’s CEO, “one challenge in providing clean water access to impoverished communities can actually come through the drilling of a well, as well water often becomes contaminated. Utilizing an existing water source such as a river, lake, canal, or well, contaminated water is routed to the AquaTower site and pumped – either with minimal use of electricity or with a manual treadle or bicycle pump – to an elevated water storage tank. The system then operates by gravity alone, drawing water down through the AquaTower’s filtration system.”

Planet Water’s filter utilizes ultra-filtration (UF) technology, comprised of hollow-fiber membranes housed within a protective canister through which untreated feed water enters. These membranes create a physical barrier against bacteria, protozoa, viruses, pathogens and other contaminates greater than 0.1 micron. As the water passes through, these harmful organisms are removed and clean drinking water, which meets World Health Organization water quality standards, is produced. The water is dispensed through nine faucets arranged around the AquaTower that provide up to 1,000 liters of clean water per hour, supporting the daily drinking water and hand washing requirements of up to 1,000 people. The overall design of the AquaTower is a modular system with few moving parts allowing for easy installation and maintenance and a solution that is low-cost, easily replicated, and scalable. The system also operates without the use of chemicals that may be harmful to the environment and requires no consumables.

In addition to providing clean, safe water, Planet Water Foundation projects include a four-module Water-Health and Hygiene education program focused on teaching school children behaviors that make a lifelong impact on staying healthy. A recent health impact study performed by the University of Nebraska College of Public Health shows that Planet Water’s combination of clean water systems and hygiene education programs has resulted in higher school attendance averages and improved academic performance. Children benefitting from Planet Water’s interventions experienced an 80% decrease in total number of diarrheal episodes, with 58% of non-residential students achieving a grade “A” (using math as a proxy) versus 27% for students not participating in the program.

The location of projects in community schools promotes the engagement of school staff to maintain the water filtration system on a daily basis.  Planet Water’s in-country team educates the school’s staff with in-depth training on routine cleaning and maintenance procedures. “When routine manual cleaning procedures are followed, the AquaTower will operate for at least 5-7 years without any consumable components, at which point the only maintenance needed is a replacement of the filter element,” said Steele. “A daily cleaning procedure flushes the system of contaminants, while a more thorough weekly process ensures that the system is sanitized. Additionally, Planet Water’s teams visit each project three times per year for five years to ensure that all AquaTower systems are fully operational and to reinforce any training necessary on maintenance procedures.”

In erecting the AquaTowers, Steele and his team aim to provide local, sustainable jobs. The company sources as many components local to the community as possible in order to minimize shipping costs and promote self‐sufficiency.  “A few critical filtration components are sourced from a single manufacturer to ensure consistency and quality, but by establishing local supply chains, we are able to integrate the highest quality components while supporting community job creation.”

In 2017, Planet Water will look to expand Project 24 beyond 24 communities, and hopes to provide a wider platform for its corporate sponsors to benefit from their association with Planet Water Foundation. To date, Planet Water has deployed nearly 700 AquaTowers across 12 countries supporting and is supporting the daily drinking water requirements of 700,000 people.