Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems for Apartment Buildings


Whether it’s a commercial application or residential building, the supply of clean, safe water is essential. With advancement in technology, commercial water filtration systems are now commonly installed in condominium and apartment buildings, which ensures a supply of clean, purified water in the entire building.

Reverse osmosis water filtration systems work on a very simple process. In this, the feed water is processed through membranes – the main function of which is to stop the contaminants and dissolved solids from passing through. When combined with pre-filtration, a commercial reverse osmosis system is capable of removing 99.9 percent of dissolved impurities.

A commercial reverse osmosis system is also capable of removing contaminants that cause taste and odor problems, thus ensuring the supply of safe, great-tasting water. Moreover, RO systems offer low-cost maintenance and are very easy to clean and service. A commercial reverse osmosis system is considered the ideal way to purify water to best standards and eliminate harmful chemicals, thus providing safe and healthy water.

There are a number of companies that provide commercial reverse osmosis water filtration systems. Look for a provider that ensures quality at a competitive price. Planet Water is one of the leading, professional companies offering highly efficient, water filtration systems for commercial purposes including condominium and apartment buildings, hotels and resorts etc. Our pre-engineered, and innovatively designed water purification systems will ensure a supply of clean, safe water for many years to come.