How Commercial Water Filter System Benefit Your Restaurant


A water filtration system is an integral part of your commercial kitchen. It will not only ensure great tasting water but also helps in maintaining the equipment.

Two important reasons for installing commercial water filter for restaurant-

  • The beverages and ice you serve taste and smell better
  • Reduces equipment maintenance and breakdown at the restaurant

The commercial water filter for restaurants help remove the chemicals, sediments, dissolved impurities from water. The equipment such as coffee and espresso maker, ice machine, dishwasher etc. can all benefit from it.

How clean is your water?

Is your tap water clean? Can you directly use tap water for preparing dishes, making coffee, ice etc.? Be it a household kitchen or commercial kitchen, water is used in every aspect. Starting from preparing foods, washing equipment, beverage service, cooking and cleaning, water is an essence. It has been found that tap water contains a number of impurities including chlorine, chemicals, algae, sediment etc. These impurities are not only harmful for the health but can affect taste, smell of the water and every menu item that is prepared with the water.

The most beneficial and cost-effective way to remove impurities from water is to consider installing a commercial water filter for restaurant. Though there are a number of purification systems available, water filter comes out the best with easy implementation and maintenance features.

How water purification system benefit your restaurant?  

Installing a water filter system in your commercial kitchen will bring a number of benefits. Few are listed below-

Provide clean, clear water that smells and taste great

As you know the basic function of a water filter system is to block out the solids and dissolved impurities, thus providing water that smells and tastes great. The filtered water is clear, clean and doesn’t smell bad. Using it in preparation of foods and beverages will enhance the aroma and flavor of the menu items in your commercial kitchen. Moreover, you very well understand when you serve dishes ruined by water’s poor quality, how it will affect your business. So, installing a water purification system is necessary.

Prevent breakdown and extend the life of your commercial kitchen equipment

The impurities present in tap water are harmful for your restaurant equipment too. The chemicals can build up and corrode the metal which can later affect the functioning of the machine and sometimes result in a complete stop. And, when you use filtered water, there is a very less build up which means the interior movable parts of a machine work perfectly and there is no halt.

Lower operating costs and ensure efficient functioning

As you know commercial water filters provide clean, clear water which means there is a significant decrease in the amount of scale build up. This leads to efficient running of your machines without any kind of breakdown. Also, using clean, filtered water help reduce the energy consumption and cleanser costs.

As you know ‘prevention is always better than cure’, so it is highly recommended to install a high-quality commercial water filtration system for your restaurant. It will not only serve your guests with a great tasting water and foods but is also good for the health of your employees too. At Planet Water, we are one of the leading names providing high-efficient and robust performance water purification systems for your commercial space.