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Our Ultrafiltration System is a Proven Solution for Rural Communities and Peri-urban Locations

Planet Water’s Ultrafiltration systems (UF1-Series) were specifically engineered to produce clean, purified water that can be used for drinking, handwashing and food preparation. Using source water from rivers, streams, wells and municipal systems with high micro-biological contamination, our UF1 filtration systems are an economical and efficient solution that reliably delivers clean, safe water in 12 countries and for nearly one million people in rural and peri-urban communities.

Our Ultrafiltration water systems produce water of consistently high quality without taste or odor. Gravity creates hydrostatic pressure to force source water against a semipermeable membrane to produce drinking water. This process will remove bacteria, microorganisms, particulate material and natural organic material which can impact color, taste and odors of water. Just like our engineered reverse osmosis drinking water systems, Ultrafiltration water systems produce high quality drinking water but are typically operated with manual or power-assistance to fill an above-ground source water holding tank to create to the necessary water pressure.

UF1 Series Ultrafiltration System

Planet Water’s UF1-Series ultrafiltration (UF) system is engineered to treat surface, well, and municipal water sources that have total dissolved solids (TDS) of less than 1,200 ppm and are not fit for human consumption due to micro-biological contamination.

The UF1-Series is a gravity fed system where the input feed operating pressure is less than 15 psi (0.14 MPa). Operating the UF1-Series system at the lowest end of the filter’s pressure band minimizes fouling of the filter’s hollow fiber membranes and facilitates a manual cleaning process and extended filter life.

Planet Water’s UF1-Series filtration system is ideal for schools and rural / peri-urban communities with limited access to clean, safe water and a sustainable supply of electric power. UF1-Series systems are currently operating in more than 750 communities in 12 countries.


  • Large water flow with 1,000 LPH (24,000 LPD)
  • Compact size, small footprint, light weight (70kgs)
  • Lockable, aluminum filter enclosure that protects the
    filtration system from weather elements
  • 200 Mesh (74 micron) pre-filter for the removal of large particulates and to prolong UF filter life
  • UF hollow-fiber membrane technology with a high filtration precision of 0.01 micron
  • Robust, (ABS/PVC) hand-actuated air scouring pump for use during the UF filter cleaning process
  • Chlorine dosing system utilized during routine cleaning and recovery of the UF membrane
  • Operating and maintenance procedures shown in a
    step-by-step guide inside of the filter enclosure door
  • 25mm FNPT external connections for (1) water input,
    (2) drain, (3) backwash, and (4) filtrate
  • Accessory storage box inside the filter enclosure door


The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies ultrafiltration (UF) technology as effective for the removal of disease causing bacteria and pathogens and exceeds requirements to produce safe drinking water. It is, however, important to test the feed water to validate that it does not contain contaminants that UF technology can not effectively remove.

Ultrafiltration technology (up to 0.01μm nominal pore size) WILL REMOVE sediment, colloids, and disease causing pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria (i.e. E. coli, Salmonella Typhi, Legionella, and Total/Fecal Coliform), protozoa (i.e. Giardia Lamblia, Cryptosporidium Parvum, and Entamoeba Histolytica) and parasites (i.e. worms, larvae, and eggs), and most, but not all, viruses. Ultrafiltration technology can remove iron, manganese, and arsenic only if it is first oxidized.

Ultrafiltration technology (up to 0.01μm nominal pore size) WILL NOT REMOVE chemicals, minerals, salinity* (salt) or reduce total dissolved solids (TDS) comprising inorganic salts (principally calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides, and sulfates) in water.

Water containing TDS concentrations below 1,000 mg/L is usually acceptable to consumers, although acceptability may vary according to circumstances. Conversely, water with extremely low concentrations of TDS may also be unacceptable to consumers because of its flat, insipid taste.

Key Advantages of Using Our Ultra Filtration Systems

  • Easy installation and excellent performance
  • High-efficiency for removing bacteria, viruses
  • Capable of meeting existing and future stringent water quality regulations
  • Superior quality against membrane fouling and chemically resistant
  • Cost-effective water treatment systems

Have questions about our UF1 Series Reverse Osmosis system? Feel free to email us or give us a call at +1-877-711-3083. Our technical support team is always ready to help you!

Key advantages of using our Ultra Filtration Systems

  • Removes sediment, colloids, and 99.99% of harmful micro-biological contaminants such as bacteria, pathogens, microorganisms, etc.
  • Simple operating and maintenance process that requires no technical knowledge
  • Requires no power to operate. The only power required is to facilitate source water gravity feed
  • Long life >5 years with a replaceable UF filter
  • Uses household chlorine bleach for cleaning
  • Simple, turnkey installation
  • 1-year limited warranty
UF1 Series Reverse Osmosis Brohure for Rural Communities
  • PR1 Series

    1,800-21,600 GPD Tap and Well Water Applications

  • PR2 Series

    1,500-9,000 GPD Brackish Water Applications

  • PX1 Series

    30,000-180,000 GPD Tap and Well Water Applications

  • PX2 Series

    30,000-180,000 GPD Brackish Water Applications

  • UF1 Series

    24,000 LPD Surface, Tap and Well Water Applications

Humanitarian Relief

Planet Water Foundation’s UF1 Series filtration system, and AquaTower, has brought clean, safe water to nearly 1 million children in 1,000 communities (schools).

Clean Water Solution for Kids
Well Tap Water for School


Planet Water Solutions makes it easy to determine what type of system is best suited for your specific application criteria. We offer assistance in the process and most basic specifications can be determined via email. Ask us for a quote here.

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We know that finding the right commercial reverse osmosis filtration system can be a challenge at times. Our systems are flexible and may be configured in several different ways to meet your needs. Please contact us with any questions.

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