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Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems for Apartment Buildings


Whether it’s a commercial application or residential building, the supply of clean, safe water is essential. With advancement in technology, commercial water filtration systems are now commonly installed in condominium and apartment buildings, which ensures a supply of clean, purified water in the entire building.

Reverse osmosis water filtration systems work on a very simple process. In this, the feed water is processed through membranes – the main function of which is to stop the contaminants and dissolved solids from passing through. When combined with pre-filtration, a commercial reverse osmosis system is capable of removing 99.9 percent of dissolved impurities.

A commercial reverse osmosis system is also capable of removing contaminants that cause taste and odor problems, thus ensuring the supply of safe, great-tasting water. Moreover, RO systems offer low-cost maintenance and are very easy to clean and service. A commercial reverse osmosis system is considered the ideal way to purify water to best standards and eliminate harmful chemicals, thus providing safe and healthy water.

There are a number of companies that provide commercial reverse osmosis water filtration systems. Look for a provider that ensures quality at a competitive price. Planet Water is one of the leading, professional companies offering highly efficient, water filtration systems for commercial purposes including condominium and apartment buildings, hotels and resorts etc. Our pre-engineered, and innovatively designed water purification systems will ensure a supply of clean, safe water for many years to come.

Importance of Installing RO Water Purification Systems in Resorts and Hotels


When people plan a vacation they expect relaxation and tranquility. Clean, safe water is not only the biggest essence of everyday life, it is an expectation that completes the vacation experience. Whether it’s a stay at home, or a resort hotel vacation with family, people are always concerned about their health and wellness. A commercial reverse osmosis system is a requirement to meet your guest expectations.

When it comes to planning a vacation with family, or a business trip with peers, it is commonly perceived that hotels and resorts provide clean, safe water. From hot showers to crystal clear swimming pools, to drinking water, water quality plays an important role in fulfilling your guests’ expectations and will provide ROI through customer satisfaction and safety. Installing a quality water purification system in hotels will help provide a continued and sustainable supply of clean, safe water – essential in the hospitality industry.

A Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration system is the most preferred and reliable water filtration technology available today. An RO system contains a semipermeable membrane that allows pure water to pass while rejecting the contaminants. RO water purification systems for resorts are capable of removing impurities in water including dissolved salts, colloids, bacteria, virus, bacterial endotoxin, and most organic matters.

Here’s why installing a water purification system in hotels and resorts is important:

• Drinking Water: First and foremost, an important responsibility of an individual working in hospitality industry – be it a hotel owner, manager, or staff is to ensure providing clean, safe water for drinking purposes. Using a RO water purification system in your hotel or resort will improve the taste and odor of the water thus making it suitable for drinking and preparing other beverages such as coffee, juices, shakes etc. Always remember, if you want to serve your customers with great tasting beverages, it is important to have a continuous supply of clean, safe water as most the beverages 98% water.

• Prevent scaling in boilers, ice makers, and in the water distribution network: The undissolved impurities and algae present in the source water can be a major issue for the hotel industry. When contaminated water passes through boilers and pipes, it leaves behind the impurities that eventually build up, thus disturbing functionality and decreasing the life cycle of the asset. So, it is important to install a high-quality water filtration system that will ensure a continuous supply of clean, safe water and prevent such issues, thus facilitating smooth running operations.

• Spotless Glassware and dishes: They say ‘nobody wants to raise a toast from a spotty glass’. Providing crystal clear glassware and dishes is practical and possible with a well-designed water purification system installed in your hotel. An RO system provides a quick supply of quality water for different kinds of purposes and allows you to serve your guests with delight.

• Laundry: Laundry is a substantial operational expense in the hospitality industry. Hard water is not at all suitable for washing purposes as it can discolor your white bed sheets, linens, and towels, which adds to replacement costs. It is therefore important to install high-quality water filtration system in your hotel that will ensure a supply of clean water.

Whether it’s for drinking, laundry, or other applications, installing a high-quality RO water purification system in hotels and resorts from a trusted provider like ours will help you provide satisfactory services to your guests while improving operational costs and efficiency. At Planet Water, we innovate, engineer and design RO water filtration systems for the hospitality industry, keeping the key points in mind to ensure a clean, safe supply of purified water.